Made your first account on Definitive and ready to buy? This guide will walk you through how to get started!

  1. Connect to your wallet (currently supporting Coinbase, Metamask, Rainbow, Rabby, Phantom and Wallet Connect).

  1. Choose the chain you want to interact with (currently supporting Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, Optimism, Polygon and Base).

  1. Mint advance trading vault, a smart contract account for holding deposits. The vault maximizes your user experience by removing any web3 nuances such as approving transactions. You only need to mint 1 vault per chain.

  1. Deposit the token you want to trade with.

  1. There are 3 types of trade execution: Market, Limit and TWAP orders.

Market order is found on most exchanges but Definitive differentiates by automatically configuring the slippage and max price impact. This results in the best trade execution which saves you the most amount of fees.

  1. The LIMIT order allows you to buy at the exact price you want by adjusting the limit price. You can also set the expiry to manual or a certain date/time.

  1. The TWAP function allows you to dollar cost average your buys.

  • limit price - max price you want to pay per token

  • duration - 15min to 7 days

  • segment - how many buys during the duration, split evenly

  • max price impact - define each segment's influence over the market price of the underlying asset pair

  1. Advance reporting including order analysis, per-position profit & loss, and activity history.

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