The Definitive Core uses an event-driven architecture to handle high throughput on-chain events at scale. The core is responsible for receiving and publishing events onto a single source-of-truth stream to be consumed and acted upon by components. The core is off-chain and proprietary to Definitive.

Components - As events are published to the core, components with various responsibilities will subscribe and react to these events. Components manage all sorts of positions and react to market or on-chain events to effectively manage those positions.

Feeders - Components require data from 3rd party sources to execute on strategies. Data may include trades (market makers), market data (price feeds), and on-chain events (mempool and confirmations). Feeders will decode and translate events across multiple chains and data sources.

Performers/Keepers - Components may require actions to be taken on 3rd party services, such as interacting with liquidity providers, lending pools, or bridges. Performers are responsible for reliably executing the desired action, optimizing transactions for speed, gas efficiency — employing different techniques for MEV resistance.

Engines - A group of components that form the “brain” of the computation. Grouping components allow for breaking down complex tasks into composable building blocks.

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