Introduction to Definitive

The most advanced DeFi yield and execution platform


Definitive is an execution platform and API for DeFi, offering non-custodial smart contracts and automation services across many DeFi protocols. Every Definitive smart contract is backed by a powerful and proprietary off-chain engine. Together, they work in tandem to streamline DeFi execution for end users, from high frequency trading algorithms to complex yield strategies.

Clients come to Definitive to access two flagship products:

  • Trade Execution - Execute advanced order types on all DeFi trading venues with optimal slippage and price impact on each trade.

  • Advanced Yield - Simplified access to sophisticated institutional-grade DeFi strategies composed of the best protocols and mechanics.

These products can be accessed directly via the Definitive Platform or integrated into third party apps via the the Definitive API.

Why Definitive?

Definitive isn’t just another DeFi platform; it’s an end-to-end solution thoughtfully designed to give users an advantage when its comes to engaging DeFi.

Definitive's unqiue value add includes:

  • Non-Custodial: Clients maintain full control over deposits and withdrawals, while whitelisted "performers" manage pre-determined strategy actions.

  • Automated: low latency engine analyzes millions of real-time events and proactively manages positions based on market conditions

  • Configurable: Each position is customized to a client's unique needs, offering a wide range of granular monitoring options.

  • Auditable: Full activity history is verifiable on-chain, with exportable reporting statements for transparency and compliance.







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