Defintiive's low latency engine analyzes millions of real-time events and proactively manages positions based on market conditions.

Trade Execution

Definitive has one of the most advanced trade execution in all of DeFi, and possibly CeFi too. This achievement is primarily attributed to the efficiency-maximizing automation working behind the scenes. Our Smart Slippage and Smart Order Routing features alleviate concerns regarding unexpected fees, ranging from basic price impact to complex scenarios like MEV sandwich attacks. For further details, refer to the Trade Execution section.

Advance Yield

Definitive enables maximum capital efficiency while also automating risk and position management. Our proprietary high-frequency monitoring and automation engine tracks every strategy-relevant on-chain event and optimally manages the strategy. Our strategies can require 10+ transactions. With Definitive, only one deposit transaction is necessary, and the Definitive automation engine handles the rest.

In addition to maximizing yield through automation, we prioritize user safety with features such as Leverage Loan-To-Value (LTV) Automation, APR Stop Loss, Peg Price Automation, and Relative Liquidity monitors. For further details, refer to the Advance Yield section.

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