At Definitive, we pride ourselves on having the most advanced on-chain trading platform. Our loyal user base, spanning from beginner to institutional traders, largely stems from the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Through our referral program, we not only reward those who have entrusted us but also promote accelerated growth within our community

Referral Code

Create your referral code here: You will receive 10% of your referrals' trading fees in perpetuity. Reward fees will be claimable as USDC and sent to your trading account.

You can customize or change your referral code anytime to better suit your preferences. The tweet button directs you to X and generates a pre-set message, making it effortless to share with your audience.

Referred By

Enter a Referred By code on You will receive a 5% trade fee reduction in perpetuity. TWAP trade fee is 25 bps. For instance, if you execute a $100,000 order, the fee initially totals $250. However, with the Referred By fee discount, you'll pay $12.50 less, resulting in a trade fee of $237.50.

Claim Fees

You'll receive 10% of all trading fees generated by your referrals. The accrued fees will soon be calculated and available for claiming retroactively.

Given the TWAP trading fee is 25 bps, and your referral places a $100,000 TWAP order, the total trading fee amounts to $250, granting you a $25 reward!

Additionally, there's a 5% bonus (for a total of 15% trading fee reward) for trades made by referrals within the first 7 days of their sign up.

From the above scenario, you would receive $37.50 in rewards after factoring in the bonus. Your referral dashboard shows the breakdown of activities and fees generated by your referees.

Referral Volume x Alpha

Alpha is our upcoming points program. Referred volume and TVL (strategy vault) contribute to how many points you receive weekly. More information is coming soon!

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