Limit Order allows you to buy or sell a token at a specified price or better.

Want to create limit orders on your favorite EVM chain? Definitive has the best function for it.

Scenario: Limit buying $WELL

Video Guide:

1. Access Platform, create an email account and connect your wallet.

2. Connect to the Base chain and mint a trading vault, a smart contract account for holding deposits. The vault maximizes your user experience by removing any web3 nuances such as approving transactions.

3. Select the token you want to deposit ($USDC).

4. Approve the deposit.

5. Select the LIMIT trade.

6. Input how much $WELL you'd like to buy.

7. Select customizations for the LIMIT order.

• Limit Price

• Time in force - expire your position either with a manual cancel or set a date/time

Details are available before you initiate the trade.

8. DONE ✅! Your live LIMIT order will be displayed here if you choose to monitor it. Your LIMIT order will automatically execute with no manual intervention needed.

The limit order is a popular strategy amongst traders on Definitive.

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