Advanced Trading

Definitive launches institutional-grade trade execution for on-chain markets. Open to all DeFi traders.


From the same team that built Coinbase Prime’s trading engine, a system responsible for executing billions of dollars of trades for the likes of Michael Saylor and Elon Musk, Definitive is proud to offer every DeFi user access to the most powerful institutional-grade on-chain trading platform.

Start trading in a matter of minutes. Sign up at and mint your Advanced Trading vault to place your first trade today.

Why Advanced Trading?

Over the last year, we’ve spoken to a myriad of institutions and HNWIs who want to deploy significant amounts of capital into DeFi, yet they often find their hands tied. All of them faced the same blockers: fragmented liquidity, shallow markets, and a lack of compliance and reporting.

Historically, trade execution services available for DeFi have never matched up to the power and quality of tooling that are commonplace on CeFi’s exchanges and prime brokers. The lack thereof prevented significant institutional capital from even arriving on-chain…

…until today.

With the launch of Advanced Trading, Definitive allows anyone to access institutional-grade trade execution for DeFi (currently on 6 EVM chains). For the very first time on many of these chains, traders can now place Market, Limit, and TWAP orders between any two on-chain assets.

Groundbreaking Features

We asked our clients who actively trade for all the features they desperately wished they had. And we delivered.

Smart Slippage

Nearly every DeFi user has a regretful anecdote where they had set slippage on their swap to be too high or too low. Set slippage too high and your trade is immediately sandwiched by a MEV bot at your expense. Too low and your trade may revert, wasting precious gas and requiring you to re-quote and replace the order. Definitive’s Smart Slippage relinquishes the trader from the burden of the guessing game and automatically discovers the ideal sweet-spot slippage setting to ensure a high success rate for trades while simultaneously defending against all negative impacts.

Smart(er) Order Routing

Definitive’s Smart Order Router finds the best price for every trade across the full universe of on-chain venues. We also continuously profile which venues are most reliable and non-exploitative for successful trading and dynamically adjust order routing to ensure the smoothest experience for the end user.

Profit & Loss and Activity Tracking

Historically, DeFi dApps have missed the mark when it comes to informing users on the performance of their positions. Every Advanced Trading vault on Definitive comes out-of-the-box with best-in-class reporting, including real-time order fill analysis, per-position PnL, and activity history.

“Gas-Less” Trading UX

Traders using Definitive never have to deal with gassing their Trading Vault. Definitive automatically determines the precise amount of gas execution cost for every trade and sponsors the gas on behalf of the trader. The execution costs are then deducted from the outcome of the trade. With this design, traders experience an uninterrupted “gas-less” trading UX where, with a single signature to activate the trading session, they can put their wallet away and trade seamlessly without additional transaction confirmations or signatures for the remainder of the trade session.

Private Order Flow

All orders are submitted privately to Definitive’s off-chain Order Management System (OMS) and only executed on-chain when traders’ intents are met. Your trade intents are never broadcasted to solvers and Definitive does not implement payment for order flow. Our one and only priority is best execution to the benefit of the trader.

What Is Live Today?

Definitive’s Advanced Trading product is live on 6 EVM chains (Ethereum/Arbitrum/Avalanche/Optimism/Polygon/Base), supports 50+ liquidity venues, and provides access to thousands of assets, including long-tail assets that are not available to trade on centralized exchanges.

Any user can onboard today in a matter of minutes:

  • 1) Sign up for a free Definitive account at

  • 2) Mint Trading Vaults to enable trading for those chains.

  • 3) Deposit tokens into your Trading Vault to begin trading.

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