The bridging functionality is powered by Bungee and implemented on May 8th, 2024. Bungee is a bridge aggregator powered by Socket. Bungee enables users to find the best route for bridging Token X on Chain A to Token Y on Chain B. It finds multiple bridging routes via supported DEXes & bridges, considering any swaps that may be needed before/after bridging.

Simple and Efficient UX

A streamlined bridging process is accessible with just one click and integrated directly within the user interface adjacent to the withdraw/deposit functions. Users simply need to specify the network and quantity of tokens and select a route.

Best Routing

Users need not worry about finding a bridge. Definitive’s UI always presents the optimal routes to users via its sophisticated quoting engine, leveraging Bungee to access liquidity from various bridges. Routing prioritizes:

  • Maximizing the output of the asset on the destination chain

  • Minimizing GAS fees

  • Reducing Bridging Time

  • Ensuring Security

While users retain the final decision on bridge selection, our system recommends an optimal route.


Bridging can be complicated as funds are often sent to a bridge provider for a period of time. To streamline a user's understanding of bridging, transactions are highlighted in the activity tracker, and the amount of bridge fees and other key data points are clearly shown. Finally, this data can also be used for reporting purposes.

About Bungee

Bungee, powered by Socket, is a bridging protocol that powers seamless asset transfers for apps across blockchains. They are backed by the very best and have made over $10 billion in volume transfers and 7 million or more lifetime transfers.

More Technical Information

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