high level roadmap of what is to come from Defintiive

Definitive’s early clients, composed of professional traders, HNWIs, on-chain treasuries, crypto VCs, and DeFi hedge-funds have already traded over $20M of volume prior to our wide release launch today. With their feedback, we’ve already identified and begun development on a slew of upcoming features including:

  • Expansion to Solana and additional chains (non-EVM + EVM L2s)

  • Additional advanced order types (Trailing Limits, Stop Orders)

  • Improved charting

  • Bridging support

  • Pre-trade compliance

  • (and many more!)

At Definitive, we believe that on-chain is the future and that the majority of trading volume will eventually transition from CeFi exchanges to DeFi markets. Join us in accelerating this movement and mint your Advanced Trading vault to start trading today at

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