TWAP = time-weighted average price

Want to dollar-cost-average buys on your favorite EVM chain? Definitive has the best TWAP function for it. Scenario: TWAP trading $WELL for $ETH once a day for 3 days.

Video Guide:

  1. Connect to your wallet.

  1. Connect to the Base chain and mint a trading vault, a smart contract account for holding deposits. The vault maximizes your user experience by removing any web3 nuances such as approving transactions.

3. Select the token you want to deposit ($WELL).

4. Approve the deposit.

5. Select the TWAP order.

6. Search for the $WELL token by typing in the name or pasting the token address. Input how much $WELL you'd like to swap.

  1. Select customizations for the TWAP order. • Limit Price • Duration - max time of 7 days • Segment - how many “swaps” you want to do within the duration • Max Price Impact / Segment - price protection Order preview details will be calculated before you make the trade.

  1. DONE ! Your live TWAP order will be displayed here if you choose to monitor it. Your TWAP order will automatically execute with no manual intervention needed. The TWAP is one of the most popular functions on Definitive!

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