This strategy revolves around two key functions: single token exposure and auto-compounding.

Single Token Exposure

If this strategy involves depositing into a liquidity pool that typically requires two tokens, our approach ensures a seamless user experience by only requiring exposure to one token. The conversion into the 50/50 pool is executed in the background, simplifying the process for the user.


Compounding reward tokens is widely acknowledged as a strategy to substantially boost returns, especially in farms with high Annual Percentage Rates (APRs). In such cases, harvesting and compounding rewards frequently are essential for maximizing overall returns. This strategy automates this process as per the Compound Rewards Monitor.

Compound Rewards Monitor

Claims and compounds reward tokens into the underlying strategy when thresholds are met. Observes liquidity conditions for opportunistic price impact and slippage. Optimizes swaps through DEX aggregators for the best rates.

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